Being Grateful Today…

To be grateful is a beautiful thing.

Feeling Grateful for Today

When I think of gratefulness, being thankful…I visualize all of the changes that have occurred in my life.  Some things that happen in our lives we are focused on…determined to reach the goal, make the catch, get the grade; and other things that happen in our lives come out of the blue…not at all what we wanted or expected…but none the less happen.

Being grateful is truly standing in any given moment of our life and being content to be there.

Living in an Impartial Way

Wherever that may be…maybe not the most comfortable place….but where we are.  Where YOU are.  I always wonder what it would be like to truly live in an impartial way.  Accepting everything and anything that comes my way.  Can I do that?  Is that a way that anyone can truly live?  I am willing to give the intent to go there.

Being Grateful

So being grateful… well it is being satisfied and fulfilled right where I am…and right NOW that is not being able to sleep!!!  :)

I know I randomly post at such ridiculous times of the day…but that is when the words come…that is when the sleep has escaped me… but I am truly grateful for the life that I am living. I am content with where I am, living and doing what I do.  Living from the most authentic place I can find and enjoying the ride.  Does change stop me from making the decision to move forward..hopefully not.

I live each moment, expecting the next moment to be just as fulfilling as the prior.Live the rest of your life with the drive to be a leader that promotes the highest level of energy…enticing those in your life to aspire for the greatest of life’s gifts.  I guess this was a random babble…but I felt compelled to share my feelings of thanks. Thank You…


Bobbi Anderson

Bobbi Anderson

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  1. Julie C says:

    Well said Bobbi! Love you back!

  2. Thanks Julie…you know the power of changing your thoughts….it feels good right? Happy Holidays and see you soon!… Bobbi

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