Less is more – (More or Less)!!!!

Think about only what you do want in your life – not what you want to let go of. You will begin to notice a big difference immediately. Bobbi Anderson

You want to make a difference in your life - you want more - you want success - you want to be a great model for your children, family, co-workers and friends.  So what do you do - you work harder - longer hours - plan tons of activities - always being the one to organize gatherings - look for new … [Read more...]

Thought You May Need a Kick in the Butt before the Holiday Season gets in full swing!

Choose to talk to yourself differently – it will make a world of difference in your life – because you are being so much easier/kinder to YOU!!! Bobbi Anderson

Really, the Holiday Season can be difficult for a lot of folks.  Is it for you?? I have been pretty fortunate in that the past few years I keep Holiday Stress at a minimum...was not always that way though! I usually spent a few days before each Holiday wondering how the day would go.  … [Read more...]

Talk Yourself In and Out of Stress

In and Out of Stress

Stress has many different sources. One of the most powerful sources is our own self-talk. Self-talk is the thoughts that pop into our head, and the things we say to ourselves in any given situation - whether you are aware of them or not. What you say to yourself plays a tremendous role in how you … [Read more...]

The Stress-Less Side

Experience life on the brighter side. Bobbi Anderson

"I'm so stressed!"  How often do you find yourself saying this in your mind or to family and friends? Stress, as a modern term, arose from physiological studies in the 1930s, becoming the commonplace term as we know it today during the 2000s.  Not that our ancestors didn't have stress - they … [Read more...]

Negative Thoughts – Natural Pain Management?? [video]

Natural Pain Management Video

Watch this video to learn how eliminating negative thoughts can actually be a way to natural pain management!... Start the Ten Day Negative Thought Fast today. Have you ever given thought to what you are thinking? Many times, pain - both physical and emotional - can be tracked back to … [Read more...]

Healthy Relationships – How to Be Assertive Without Alienating Your Partner

healthy relationships

A healthy relationship includes asking for what you want-and setting boundaries around what you don't want-is a key life skill. But sometimes in our enthusiasm to practice this skill, we over-do our own assertiveness and end up with a partner who shuts down, gets angry or feels … [Read more...]

Your Relationship – Happy? GIVE IT UP!!

Your Relationship - Happy? GIVE IT UP!!

What?? Your Relationship - so if it is happy I am saying GIVE It UP?  No not at all - what I am saying is this...How is your relationship with Happiness - Do you want to be happy/happier? Well then GIVE IT UP?  Being happy - no - I have a new workshop coming up that is all about giving up things in … [Read more...]

Problems In Relationships? – Drop those Burdens!

Problems in Relationships

Relationships!!  You all have them - Problems in Relationships? - You all have that too!!  So what do you do when you realize that problems in relationships are totally affecting your life - and not in a good way? Drop the Burdens of that relationship - I really mean it - intend for one day, … [Read more...]

Building Healthy Relationships – Maybe you need a New Watering Can??

building healthy relationships

How can gardening and the type of gardener you are have anything to do with building healthy relationships? Well, let me tell you a relationship (at least a healthy one) needs care, attention and water sometimes!!  Those of you who have been following me for a long time know that I have a … [Read more...]

Secret to Happy Relationships – Ahh…

Secret to Happy Relationships - Ahh...

How can a Happy Relationship enhance the peace and calm in your life?  Is it possible to approach every relationship in your life in a way that is non-stressful and full of love and peace - even those relationships that you may not label as "loving". In the Calmness of Our Soul on this Earth … [Read more...]