No Patience and a Control Freak? Relax

Are you a control freak with no patience? Relax into your power.

Are you a perfectionist control freak with no patience? Relax... nothing is under control. Kind of a different message today... right? Relax ... nothing is under control. We spend our precious energy wanting to feel comfort and things being in control. How would it feel to be … [Read more...]

Relief of Pain …Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…LOL!!! How Laughter Helps Your Chronic Pain

Relief of pain: Laughter can lighten the emotional load of whatever chronic pain you are dealing with

Oh my gosh my stomach is hurting from laughing so much! Did you know that your relief of pain can be found in laughter? It's true! There is an element of pain that we may have to live with - physical or emotional - but here is the secret - learn to manage that pain - do not allow it to manage … [Read more...]

WAIT – What IS Pain Management?

What is Pain Management

Wait - What is Pain Management? We throw around so many terms/labels. People have dealt with chronic physical and emotional pain for thousands of years. It is just what was done. When a certain feeling is felt you feel it - and move on. So when we began to hear the term Pain Management Doctor - … [Read more...]

How to Get Relief From Pain with Candy Crush!!!!

Life is too short to wait for relief from pain.

I am not quite sure where I come up with these analogies on Relief From Pain – but as I was procrastinating this morning – was supposed to be writing this blog - I realized that Candy Crush was a great diversion!! I don’t know how many of you play that silly game – it is an amazing time killer … [Read more...]

SPRING into Alternative Pain Management!!

Alternative Pain Management

What does it mean to Spring into Alternative Pain Management? Seems like the last thing you would want to do if you are in Chronic Pain is Spring into Alternative Pain Management right? Well fact is - sometimes making that drastic spring will put you right where you need to be in order to … [Read more...]

Pain Free Living = Dropping Burdens + Progress + Living Your Dash

pain free living

Hey there!!  Another goofy idea I have to enjoy Pain Free you really want that?? Step One – Drop your Burdens We tend to obsess over everything we have on our calendar to do, the house needs cleaned, the laundry needs done, homework, dinner – lunch – breakfast, errands, oh yea work … [Read more...]

Pain Free = Stop Thinking!

pain free living

How important is it to you to be pain free? Really - often times our fear keeps us in pain. In order to get a step closer to living pain free we must establish what is important and just BE in our life. The concept of BEING is so simple - yet can be so complicated because it is so simple! To … [Read more...]

Emotional Pain Free Living = Realizing the Power of the Present Moment

emotional pain free living

One of the most miraculous discoveries in having Emotional Pain Free Living is understanding the significant power of living in the Present Moment. How often can you say "I am PRESENT" - not thinking about what happened this morning, yesterday, or even just a few minutes ago - not thinking … [Read more...]

Using Self-Talk to Sustain Living Pain Free…

Living Pain Free Through Positive Self Talk

What do you say to yourself about Living Pain Free? Do you feel like you are always talking yourself out of Living Pain Free?  As soon as you start your day, do you suddenly have nagging thoughts about how you aren't Pain Free – not up to the task of Living Pain Free?  Like you don't have the right … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Feeling Pain Free

emotionally pain free living

I'm going to imagine and dream of being pain free... Wow - I can barely remember the days of my constant pain - but I had them!  So trust me when I say I feel uncomfortable saying this - Imagining and dreaming are one of the last things on your mind when you are in emotional or physical pain...but … [Read more...]