I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.

Odd subject line right??  I love myself. I just finished reading the book "Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It".  AMAZING book.  I teach my clients - each one - that self-love is the most important love that there is. It is not selfish or self-centered to love yourself.  It is not … [Read more...]

RELATIONSHIP – Painful or Funny??

A relationship in your life if inevitable. Whether it is one with a friend, lover, child, parent, sibling, or co-worker – you have the relationship issue in your life – EVERY day!! These relationships don't have to have negative issues attached – but it IS a relationship and communication is … [Read more...]

Chronic Back Pain Relief: Coax Your Body to Release Lower Back Pain

What would happen if you could get in touch with some Chronic Back Pain Relief? Is that something you would be interested in? The hypnosis download I am sharing with you today is a session that can actually coax your body to release lower back pain. Really!! This amazing recording will … [Read more...]

I NEED Some Natural Pain Management with My Children!!

Natural Pain Management with children – what does that mean??  AND why do I, Bobbi Anderson, Pain Management Coach think that my processes have anything to do with your children?  Well, let me ask you this...do you ever feel that making the decision on what to say or what to do when your children … [Read more...]

Are You PARALYZED? That is What Living with Chronic Pain Can Do to You

I was directed today to re-visit how I treat life's difficulties – Living with Chronic Pain - or what I label as a difficult situation or circumstance. I must - we all must - not allow a difficult decision, circumstance or situation to paralyze us - it cannot diminish our progress. Listen to the … [Read more...]

Turbulence = Management of Chronic Pain

We constantly look for peace and calm when we think of Management of Chronic Pain. But do you ever feel like you are just done - done with constantly searching for the right thing to do. Think about this - Peace in your life does not necessarily mean leisure. The feeling of calm and comfort may not … [Read more...]

Relief of Pain …Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…LOL!!! How Laughter Helps Your Chronic Pain

Oh my gosh my stomach is hurting from laughing so much! Did you know that your relief of pain can be found in laughter? It's true! There is an element of pain that we may have to live with - physical or emotional - but here is the secret - learn to manage that pain - do not allow it to manage … [Read more...]

WAIT – What IS Pain Management?

Wait - What is Pain Management? We throw around so many terms/labels. People have dealt with chronic physical and emotional pain for thousands of years. It is just what was done. When a certain feeling is felt you feel it - and move on. So when we began to hear the term Pain Management Doctor - … [Read more...]

How to Get Relief From Pain with Candy Crush!!!!

I am not quite sure where I come up with these analogies on Relief From Pain – but as I was procrastinating this morning – was supposed to be writing this blog - I realized that Candy Crush was a great diversion!! I don’t know how many of you play that silly game – it is an amazing time killer … [Read more...]

Emotional Pain Free Living = Realizing the Power of the Present Moment

One of the most miraculous discoveries in having Emotional Pain Free Living is understanding the significant power of living in the Present Moment. How often can you say "I am PRESENT" - not thinking about what happened this morning, yesterday, or even just a few minutes ago - not thinking … [Read more...]