Here’s a Chronic Pain Relief Option…

pain relief option

I have a great suggestion as a Chronic Pain Relief Option… Don't Engage in Tired Work! So what does that mean? Well, whenever you force something - force finishing a project, force making time for laundry, force getting to the store - force a project at work - is it so painful!!! Sometimes … [Read more...]

Unraveling Your Thoughts = All Natural Pain Relief

We can only control our own thoughts, words and actions. Bobbi Anderson

I have discovered an All Natural Pain Relief process – want to know about it? It is based on this quote I found by William James, an American Philosopher born in 1842... “The greatest discovery of the 19th Century was not in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the … [Read more...]

[News FLASH] The Painful Truth about Trusting the Universe!

Is there any validity in Pain and Trust and Universal Power/Energy?

Is there any validity in Pain and Trust and Universal Power/Energy? I struggle with that as I suppose many of us do. I was ready to throw the towel in this week – seriously – just last night I told my husband – I am just too old – it is costing us too much money – who do I think I am – yadda … [Read more...]

[NewsFlash]- I Have the Power to Manage My Chronic Pain

Managing Chronic Pain

My gift to you this week is this power reflection on Managing Chronic Pain through belief changes...I should record it – maybe I will! Message me if you want a copy of this reflection recorded!... I have the Power to Manage My Chronic Pain – so what does that look like? AND more importantly … [Read more...]

Chronic Back Pain Relief: Coax Your Body to Release Lower Back Pain

chronic back pain relief

What would happen if you could get in touch with some Chronic Back Pain Relief? Is that something you would be interested in? The hypnosis download I am sharing with you today is a session that can actually coax your body to release lower back pain. Really!! This amazing recording will … [Read more...]

I NEED Some Natural Pain Management with My Children!!

I NEED some Natural Pain Management with my children!!

Natural Pain Management with children – what does that mean??  AND why do I, Bobbi Anderson, Pain Management Coach think that my processes have anything to do with your children?  Well, let me ask you you ever feel that making the decision on what to say or what to do when your children … [Read more...]

Are You PARALYZED? That is What Living with Chronic Pain Can Do to You

living with chronic pain

I was directed today to re-visit how I treat life's difficulties – Living with Chronic Pain - or what I label as a difficult situation or circumstance. I must - we all must - not allow a difficult decision, circumstance or situation to paralyze us - it cannot diminish our progress. Listen to the … [Read more...]

Turbulence = Management of Chronic Pain

management of chronic pain

We constantly look for peace and calm when we think of Management of Chronic Pain. But do you ever feel like you are just done - done with constantly searching for the right thing to do. Think about this - Peace in your life does not necessarily mean leisure. The feeling of calm and comfort may not … [Read more...]

What is Pain Management?

what is pain management

Listen to this question... What is Pain Management? So many choices, right? Drugs, therapies, different techniques.  Let's discuss really... what is pain management?   Every person who experiences any kind of emotional or physical pain will have a different answer to that … [Read more...]

NEW IDEAS for Chronic Pain Relief Options

Chronic Pain Relief Options

Isn’t it about time for some new – different – ideas for Chronic Pain Relief Options. We know all of the regular therapies – the injections, drugs, alternative therapies – but how about attempting something really different? I am talking about something that does not require you to make an … [Read more...]