Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Level of Chronic Pain!

chronic pain reliefI have been packing all week. Today is a beautiful day and I wanted to share the sunshine.

Chronic Pain Relief

That is why I decided to share this video on how diversion – changing your thoughts – can certainly Change the Level of Chronic Pain you are experiencing!!

Whatever you are doing, put your heart into it. If you are thinking about it in a way that’s not comfortable CHANGE the way you thinking.

I discovered that when our minds get diverted to different thoughts – we immediately feel different.

Anticipation as a Form of Diversion

I share in the video the story of my client who was coming home from her appointment with her Pain Management doctor to find that her grandchildren were paying her a visit. Her husband shared that she got out of that car with such ease – the anticipation of seeing her grandchildren diverted her thoughts and guess what she did not feel the chronic pain her body had been constantly reminding her of only a few minutes earlier!

We have all experienced that sort of diversion – however, we may not have been living in self awareness that allowed us to notice it.

Live in conscious awareness – divert the chronic pain – laugh – sing – think of playing with a child – whatever it takes!!

Blessings and Hugs,
Bobbi Anderson

PS – I have an amazing way to change those negative thoughts – you can use these tools to change your thoughts – divert that chronic pain – YOU CAN DO It!!

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