RELATIONSHIP – Painful or Funny??

A relationship in your life if inevitable. Whether it is one with a friend, lover, child, parent, sibling, or co-worker – you have the relationship issue in your life – EVERY day!!


These relationships don’t have to have negative issues attached – but it IS a relationship and communication is key in every relationship!

Let’s chat a bit today about the relationship you have with YOU and how it is effected by a simple thing like Nature! How much time to you spend outside in Nature. Do you even take a fleeting second to look out the window each day? Often times a work environment is such that you don’t get the advantage of natural light or the sight of outside while at work. That can be worked around – maybe a nice photo of your favorite sky – a magazine picture taped to your desk of a pretty meadow, lake, forests. You get the idea.

Nature’s Lessons About Your Relationship with Yourself

Nature can teach you so much – it knows when to hold on to moisture when rains are infrequent. It teaches how to tolerate what we have no control over. A good lesson for you to learn from this is that you truly only have control over yourself – not others and definitely not nature! When the rain is coming you either get wet or get under cover, right?

Sunshine is what I like to call the laughter of Nature. It makes things seem clear, warm and easier to tolerate. Even with that there are times when you feel it’s warmth and think ‘enough’!

Rolling with the changes of nature can teach you how you can improve your relationships with others (and more importantly yourself) by allowing changes, disturbances, high winds and calm breezes to come and go as they please – learning what triggers you and controlling your reaction – not trying to change the other person (the weather!!).

Nature can be just what the doctor ordered for you when you feel like you are just plain worn out. When your outside relationships seem to be building with tension or negative results – take a good look at how you are getting along with yourself – could be a direct reflection on what you interpret in your outside relationships!

Be kind, be patient with yourself. Promise to spend a little time this week enjoying Nature – our medicines – Sun and Air, Trust and Faith!


Bobbi Anderson Pain Management Coach
Bobbi Anderson

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  1. I really like your point about how relationship can be viewed as though it is “weather,” Bobbi. As people, we can sometimes get over-invested in another’s reactions rather than realizing that the other person has a whole host/world of experiences and beliefs we cannot control. Only they can!
    And I am totally on board with you in the spending time in nature department. Nature has given me so much to be grateful for, and added untold riches to my life. Thanks for the great post!

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Tessa – so happy this resonated with you! It is certainly true for me as well. So true about us getting ‘over-invested’ – I like that analogy! Nature does help to bring out our sense of gratitude. So glad you enjoyed this post! Hugs, Bobbi

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