There are No Mistakes!!!

Let’s consider all the differentexperience life ways to experience life.

Now how can there be mistakes when you look at life as different experiences?

Some experiences may be more appealing than others…but labeling experiences as mistakes allows them to take on a negative feeling and thus begins the cycle of feeling negative about yourself and how you operate in life.

There are so many amazing ways to see things…some are more colorful and full of life than others…but we are always at different places…and always experiencing different emotions.

Interpreting Your Experience

So an interpretation of an experience today may seem totally different tomorrow.  We have all experienced that right?  “Sleep on it”…you will feel different in the morning ….and almost 100% of the time we do feel differently when some ‘space’ is put between the experience and our reaction!

Learn from every experience:

  • Forget about labeling it as a success or mistake
  • Take each experience, every day for every reason as a way to establish a better relationship with yourself
  • Enjoy the ride of life.

Becoming AWARE of each and every action, reaction….every little detail you experience will make you appreciate the next experience EVEN more!

Blessings and Hugs,

Bobbi Anderson Pain Management Coach
Bobbi Anderson

p.s.  Let go of the negative side of things and begin to see the opportunities that lie everywhere in each day by listening to these powerful audios that I recorded to make it easy for you.  You will notice the change right away.


  1. Krista says:

    I cannot wait to listen to the audios! Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing…and scary…the power we have when we consciously choose to not judge ourselves and to really enjoy where we are when we are there. Thanks Bobbi!

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Thanks Krista – You will love the recordings. I based them on Wayne Dyer’s book Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life!. Enjoy

  2. I love the concept of neutralising a mistake and removing negativity from it by labelling it an experience – simple but oh so effective – thank you

    • Bobbi Anderson says:


      So much of our life experience is based on the words we use, how we say them – so powerful!


  3. Excellent advice! Every experience, even negative ones, can be a learning experience. A positive spin can almost always be put on “mistakes” or negative experiences because it could always be worse, and hopefully in time, we look back on it and realized we learned something valuable from it that has helped us grow in some way.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Lisa – I so agree – there are No Mistakes! I always tell my clients – in a month this probably won’t look like such a big problem!

  4. Thank you for sharing the message of non-judgement. Compassion allows for shifts that we often try so hard to “make happen” when all we really need is to make room for what is. Thanks for reminding us!

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Tracy – we ALL need a reminder to stay in the moment and move forward without judgement and live a more emotionally peaceful life. How beautiful – thanks for the comment!

  5. Hi Bobbi, It’s hard not to feel like one made a mistake when one has landed in a ton of debt….and not figured out how to use their gifts to bring in income to live. Thanks for stopping by my website. Any suggestions?

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Carol, The universe provides us with the ability to have and do anything we want – we need to allow it. Have you ever worked on the relationship you have with prosperity and abundance? That is part of the work I do. Check out I wish you the best always

      • OMG, I have been working on it for over 20 years! I have shelves of books on it and have done 40 day practices, etc., etc. I guess I still need to do more! Thanks for the link. It looks interesting. It’s not clear to me what this program is…is it online, in person, when does it start? I listened to the video. It seems like one needs to hunt for the basic info?

        • Bobbi Anderson says:

          The Boot Camp is in person and right now being held in Michigan and Illinois. The team is willing to go anywhere in the world!! It is an amazing full day of change. It did literally change my life. Let me know if you have more interest…I will send you the info directly with some contact info.

          • I am interested…and that is kind of far for me right now with my situation…(can’t use credit, etc.) but if they are ever closer or something changes for me, I am definitely interested. Feel free to contact me directly about it.

    • I’ve been on this journey myself… so hope you don’t mind my adding in my two cents :)

      Step 1 is forgiveness. Your relationship with money is very real. And if you hold any resentment, anger, guilt, etc. in a relationship it won’t grow or be healthy. So you have to forgive yourself and money.

      Step 2 is ‘listen’ to money. Where should it be spent, and how? What’s the best way to go about eliminating the debt? Ask the questions and listen for the guidance.

      Good luck!

      • Bobbi Anderson says:

        I am GRATEFUL for you share. The journey we have with abundance and prosperity is a constant awareness. Money is truly energy – a vibration that we either attract or push away. It starts by understanding our ‘money story’…what is your first impression of money that you can remember – that is the place to start!

      • Yes, thanks. I will try to listen to the link you shared soon.

  6. I’m all over this <3

    Living in a state of allowance is so powerful. Step out of judgement and labels….life becomes an adventure instead of something to survive through. That shift in perspective can instantly relieve any suffering. Beautiful.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      It does instantly relieve suffering – thank you for sharing that!

  7. Bobbi-
    Great post! It is amazing how much of my pain is related to how I label things in my life!


    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Ha – I have to make a confession – I have a pain right by my left shoulder blade whenever I get irritated with my husband!!! I believe the pain is just behind my heart…interesting how our body ‘speaks’ to us! Thanks for the comment!

  8. Thank you for the reminder to stop and be present!

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      We all need this reminder – almost daily. It is forming a new habit.

  9. Megan says:

    I truly believe if you learn from your “mistakes,” then it was a success! 😀
    Great points.


  10. Bobbi, wonderful post. As a life coach working with midlife moms and mamas, I find myself often reminding my clients of the power of our mind-body connection. They’re always so surprised at first when we talk about possible causes for this pain or that… but it always makes perfect sense! I love that you’re reminding us to pay attention to our thoughts. Thank you.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      It surprises me to, about the fact that people don’t make that connection between the mind and body. However, until I started this work, by living my own victim to victory story, I did not get it either! Thanks for the kind words!

  11. Thanks for sharing such helpful information! I like the sleep on it approach. Too many times we can react out of emotion. It’s easier to think rationally when time has passed and we are rested.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      It’s that reaction without awareness that gets us every time!!

  12. Excellent! Pain management can clearly change people’s lives, but they often don’t even realize just how much. Pain affects everything!

    Honoring you,
    Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Dr Alex – Pain does affect everything! And it is REAL…often time folks in chronic pain – debilitating pain – are embarrassed, that is when my heart goes out to them – because it is real and I know they can help themselves.

  13. Great words to live by, Bobbi! As Lisa mentioned, every experience has learning included with it. For some of us, we learn better from first-hand experience than by watching someone else’s results; and will tend to have some rather unpleasant experiences. Perhaps even the same one more than once.

    Your opinion of your own experiences is much more important than what anyone else thinks about them. If you are able to leave the negative behind and move forward through it, you will always be better off than if you dwell on it.

    Peggy Lusk

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Peggy – this is so true. We are the only ones that remind ourselves of the mistakes (or what we interpret as mistakes). Instead viewing them as opportunities is so freeing – liberating!

  14. This is great Bobbi! Such a good reminder for all of us when we get stuck on self-pity. I promote “self-PIETY” rather than self-pity: having reverence for every aspect of life!

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Love the reverence piece – I will definitely begin to use that word. Thank you!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Experience tells me that timing and context is oh so critical – you are correct! What seems like a ‘mistake’ at one moment, is merely a learning experience and part of our journey when we look back. It’s hard to find that perspective in the moment, but I like that you are helping people to do so.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Jennifer – so often I know personally – reacting a bit after the fact is so very helpful. People don’t expect us to ‘think’ on it and when we do our reaction is that much more powerful. I have a process that I use with my clients (an online assessment) – the Threshold Process – helps them understand exactly what circumstances initiate that feeling that they are getting their ‘buttons’ pushed and how to change that button pushing reaction. It is quite interesting.

  16. The only way we can grow is to make mistakes, I love your reframing of this.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Thanks Chris! I use NLP in my practice (and on myself!!!). So very effective.

  17. This is SOOOO true. Beating oneself up over ” mistakes” is so much more painful than the incidents themselves — and is even MORE unneccessary once you reframe your mistakes as something useful. And fear of the pain that comes from these “mistakes” keeps a lot of my clients from going for it in their creative lives. Without the pain, the pear can go away, and without the fear, who knows what could happen?? I
    never thought of pain management as referring to psychological pain but it makes so much sense to me. So glad I discovered you!


    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      So good to make the connection with you Lisa! Pain is Pain – and you are right so many do not consider the psychological component.

  18. LOVED this. Reframing pain and disappointment–even “failure’–into neutral or positive experience–is one of the best ways I have personally found to keep moving and achieving during the “rough” times. Can’t remember this enough, and it’s something I will share with my own clients.

    Sandy Lurins

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Sandy – it can’t be shared enough. Sadly, we humans, are wired to think negative – our brain thinks it is protecting us! So becoming a ‘conscious’ thinker is so very valuable!

  19. Nisha says:

    Well said! Experiences are just that. Something to learn from, let go of and shape us into the people we are today.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      The beauty of what you just said is this – we can continue to grow and reshape every minute of our life! Thanks for your comment!

  20. I totally agree…there are no mistakes. I try to stop and focus on the lesson to be learned from each experience.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      We have so much to learn during this life on earth! Each person we meet is not only our teacher but our student!

  21. I’ve never had to deal with pain, so I can’t imagine what chronic pain must be like. If you are interested in being a guest blogger on my site, let me know.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      I am sure you are so very grateful to live pain free – we all have something we deal with – and re-framing our experiences, whatever they are, is so valuable. I would LOVE to be a guest blogger!

  22. In a world where we classify everything as good or bad & black or white – we don’t seem to realize that most things have no meaning beyond what people define them as. Without these labels, we can reduce the stereotypes and thereby reduce the judgments. There’s a freedom in that.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      April – that is stated so beautifully – Thank You!!! I always gently advise my clients that this life on this earth plain is really just an illusion anyway!!! We live at the expense of everyone else’s interpretation – nonsense!

  23. Thank you for the reminder to NOT LABEL!! I tell my kids all the time “it’s not a good thing, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.” We can be so quick to judge ourselves, but to truly reach the success we are looking for, staying positive and keeping the judgment at bay will serve us the best. :)

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Jen – so true. The younger we can teach that there are truly NO LABELS – the better – It definitely serves us best!

  24. All in the interpretation. . . great point. When I talk with my sister and brother about our childhood we describe it so completely different even though we were all present in the same experience at the same time. We just interpreted it differently.

    Pam McCall

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Pam – that is so true. I always use the example of the telephone game….where you start in a circle and whisper the exact same thing to each person – it NEVER makes it back around – it is totally about interpretation!!

  25. The pitfall in believing there are no mistakes is that it can remove responsibility. There are mistakes. People make choices they know are wrong. They do it despite knowing better. That’s a mistake. People make errors despite good intentions. People mess up. Those are mistakes. Sometimes people are influenced to feel like they were at fault when they weren’t. Saying “there are no mistakes” absolves us of taking full responsibility for evaluating what happened – and growing from it.

    It’s a semantic thing, but I think it’s an important distinction. Without taking an honest look at what happened, we miss all the growth that’s available to us.

    Beyond that, two takeaways for me are (1) the idea of neutralizing the good/bad from the label mistake and (2) that learning from mistakes is the ideal path versus dwelling on the mistake.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Arthur – thank you for your insight – removing judgement is key – I am grateful for your point of view.

  26. This is such an interesting topic! I signed up to hear more of the audio. While I do not have chronic pain myself, as a Health Coach, I still can not wait to learn more about it.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Thanks Amber – I will be checking out your site!!

  27. Thanks Bobbi. I know first-hand the power of the mind on pain – I had completely pain-free natural childbirth with my 2nd. #1 was c-section because he was breech and I had a pain-free (failed) version which are supposedly more painful than birth. I have to say it definitely takes practice, and I’m sure your audios are a great way to practice!

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Thanks for the comment Gretchen. Very interesting journey you have had. It def does take practice. Best to you always!

  28. Wow!! “Labeling an experience as a mistake.” That is very powerful. I will definitely re-frame my thoughts the next time I say something was a mistake.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Denise – you will find it so empowering to become aware of how much we label – we do it all of the time. We are not consciously aware of it – but the subconscious mind knows!

  29. Coming at life with a glass half full is always a great way to minimize unexpected occurrences in life. Great article, Thanks for sharing.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Meryl – thanks for your insight – I agree – see things in the positive

  30. Totally agree. We can learn something from every experience we have. It’s all just a part of learning.

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Everyday we learn and teach!

  31. Hi Bobbi,

    Things are neither good nor bad, negative or positive until we label it. I’m a big fan of the sleep on it approach or simply wait 20 minutes :-)

    Peggy (coming by from Listapalooza!)

    Peggy Nolan

    • Bobbi Anderson says:

      Thanks Peggy – giving yourself some ‘space’ to allow the emotions to settle makes a big difference!

  32. Bobbi Anderson says:

    I would love to chat with you!

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